Temporary rain sheets

The essencial protection for your working site

Quick overview: strengths

– Temporary rain sheet
– Temporary protection during working phases
Waterproof element for emergencies
– High tearing resistance thanks to reinforcement stripes
Available in RAPID version which is provided with a central hook for a quicker positioning

Mass per unit area200 g/m²
Mass per unit area reinforced PE220 g/m²
Length10 m / 12 m / 15 m
Width6 m / 8 m / 10 m / 15 m
Tensile strength (layer) 1000 N (~ 100 kg)
Tensile strength (reinforcing stripes) 2100 N (~ 210 kg)
Water tightnesspassed
UV stabilitystabile
Temperature resistance-40°C/ +80°C