Training and technical workshops

Theoretic and practical training has always been one of the pillars of our company’s philosophy.

For this reason we offer a training program with exceptional speakers who share their knowledge to increase the culture of energy efficient building.

Every day, we have to face new laws and stricter directives for energetic efficiency of the building’s envelope.

For this reason, training and technical knowledge have to be updated to guarantee a perfect technical expertise, according to current regulations.

Our goals:

  • plan the perfect air-wind- and watertightness
  • develope the concept of the living comfort
  • comprehend the value of safety at height
  • deepen the new standards of wooden buildings

Riwega Training Center – RTC

Riwega Training Center has been created in 2013: a conference room used for courses about correct application of Riwega’s products.

It has been created inside the company’s headquarter, as a real building made with all the techniques Riwega stands for (brick walls, x-Lam wooden panel walls, wooden frame walls, 3 different types of cladding, windows and doors fixtures, internal insulation, external insulation, ventilated façades and so on..). This Center offers the opportunity to see the correct use of Riwega’s products and their system, directly on a true size example.


RTC can be used by customers or Associations who want to use it for their own courses. For further information please contact us on the following email address:

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