Ventilation, waterproofing, airtightness
Elements for roof ventilation
Under-ridge elements
Accessories for ventilation
Connections for chimneys and walls
Breathable membranes and vapour control layers
Breathable roof membranes – Protector Line
Breathable roof membranes – Superior Line
Breathable roof membranes – Eurostandard Line
Separating layers for metal roof coverings
Breathable wall membranes
Vapour control layers – Superior Line
Vapour control layers – Eurostandard Line
Vapour barriers
Auto-adhesive protective screens and membranes
Breathable fire protection screens and membranes
Temporary rain sheets
Waterproofing, air and wind tightness
Acrylic adhesive tapes
Butyl adhesive tapes
Seals for windows
Nail sealing products
Bituminous adhesive stripes
Adhesives and sealants
AIR Stop Line
Systems for flat and green roofs
Membrana sintetica EVALON
Membrane sintetiche T-PE, T-Plan, Enkolan, ELLE-Plan
Completamento del pacchetto di copertura
Strati tecnici e drenanti
Profili metallici
Profili frontali
Profili coprimuro
Profili di collegamento
Tecnologie di finitura
Tetto verde
Fall protection systems
Sicurezza Residenziale
Sicurezza Industriale
Temporary safety on site
Sicurezza – Sistemi anticaduta
Linea Vita RED
Parapetti anticaduta
Linea Combisafe
Reti anticaduta
Ponteggi – Altrad Baumann
Attrezzatura tecnica per cantiere
Attrezzatura tecnica
Macchinari da elevazione GEDA
Scale e trabattelli
Scale multifunzione
Contenitori e cantilever
Barelle di trasporto
Contenitori multiuso

Riwega | eternitycomfort

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the building sector, Riwega faces different markets: roofing, ventilated facades, and building envelopes.

Riwega’s primary goal is to respect the building and environment standards, in order to guarantee a better living quality and a vision which is linked to long-lasting and healthy buildings. These goals can only be achieved with particularly careful planning and construction of the building, using construction systems that guarantee the benefits of the structural packages: insulation, thermic inertia, ventilation, soundproofing, waterproofing, air and wind tightness.

The chosen products for the creation of the roof packages play a fundamental role: the better is their technical features and their durability, the better is their contribution to a long-lasting roof package and therefore, of the entire building.

Riwega | eternitycomfort products have been designed to offer planners and builders the opportunity to develop constructions with low Energy consumption and a high level of living comfort, with all the guarantees for a long durability.