Riwega cooperates with some of the most known organizations whose aim is to improve the building system, by organizing events and training programs adressed to all operators involved in buildings’ construction and renovation.
Their action is focused on promoting awareness on energy saving, sustainability and climate change.

CasaClima – KlimaHaus

CasaClima Agency has been founded in 2006 and is 100% owned by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, is a governmental organization which is not involved in the building process, but deals with energetic and environmental certification of buildings and products.

Now this Agency has certified almost 5000 building, distributed on the whole nation.


Italian national association for breathable barriers and membranes. AISMT (Associazione Italiana Schermi e Membrane Traspiranti) aim is to set guidelines for the quality and the correct installation of breathable barriers and membranes.

Since June 2017 Claudio Pichler, Riwega’s technical director, is this association’s new president.

Associazione per l’isolamento termico e acustico

ANIT is an Italian non-profit association born in 1984.

It aims to the diffusion and promotion of thermal and acustical insulation of buildings. Due to the well-being of people and environmental protection.


Leader Company Groups with the goal of promoting technological, planning and building construction’s progress initiatives.

These companies engage themselves to publish a correct way of planning whose goals are the living comfort and low energetic consumption