Riwega yesterday, today and tomorrow


Riwega is once again expanding its product range and introducing the new Riwega | concenta product line. A façade, balcony or window is an important design element of any building. Functional on the one hand and visually appealing on the other. You can’t do mistakes in this matter and Riwega | concenta guarantees the best and long-lasting result.


The trust in the future led the company to enlarge the actual productive site with a 12.000 m2 building in Troisdorf, Germany.
A very courageous choice, which allows to improve the production and satisfy the developing market’s needs, always more attent to issues about energetic efficiency and living comfort.


The company celebrates its 20 years!
It’s time for appraisal and compliments: despite the long crisis of the building sector, Riwega continues to be a very important reference point on a national and international level.
The copious projects that have been realized since the begininning, allow Riwega to boast a wide case-history and to share the gained experience with project managers and artisans.
A selectioned and qualified sales net represents the brand on the national territory while certified installators who determine the success of buildings realized with Erge Group’s products.
The investments made have proved to be right and forwardlooking, allowing Riwega to look at the future with self-confidence.

2016 / 2017

The company doesn’t stop and heads towards sustainable building and continues to represent the central idea which allows the company to export its technologies over the national borders.
These topics, which seemed utopian finally become real and the values which have always been supported by Riwega are confirmed: words as energetic efficiency, passive house, zero-impact living, are valid topics to start sharing its competence in Estonia and Latvia. .

The wish to comunicate the achieved goals, is realized with the new technical manual for technical designers and private people. It becomes an appreciated tool because of its easy readability, and because it explains easily the common mistakes made while building a roof and offes solutions to the most common problems.

The continuous research of innovative materials, permit the start of a new top quality membrane line: Protector


In order to face the daily needs of project designers, an original calculation software, named Hygrotherm, has been created.
This program is user-adjustable and permits to realize thermo-hygrometric calculation of roof, wall and sealing; it permits to measure transmittancy and thermic resistance besides condensation and other fundamental values for a correct building planning.
It is a tool which is published for free on Riwega’s website, to support building operators.


“The correct installation of products determines the perfect functioning”. Starting from this essential assumption, the company creates the Riwega Training Center, a training place dedicated to the specialization of qualified technicians, for a perfect use of Riwega’s products.
Practical courses and constant update courses are held in Riwega’s headquarters, in a room created with Riwega’s techniques as if it were a real building, thus allowing to create a wide number of certified installators who are able to give value to Riwega’s brand even during installation.
These technicians are distributed on the whole national territory and receive constant training and updates.
In order to support the training events on a gastronomic level, a new Bistrò has been opened, with a beautiful panoramic terrace, which permits to enjoy traditional southtyrolean dishes.


Riwega has grown from a pioneristic reality to a reference company on a national level; thanks to this strong presence Riwega has been part of the team working on the regulation UNI 2013, regarding classification and correct use of shields and breathable membranes.
Riwega is part of important sector associations like Klima Haus, Associazione Linea Vita , AISMT and ANIT. In the same period, the technical progress and the improvement of the offered product range, permit to offer a wide and specialized catalogue who seals off 15 years of business success.


The austrian success foster the international approach and the company starts facing its attention towards european realities like France, Spain, Switzerland and Greece.
At the same time, research and development continue nonstop and motivate the birth of a new Riwega | planus brand; the new challenge refers to the flat and/or green roof, with original products aimed at a highly increasing niche.


During this year a very important take over has occured: company Unibausysteme, which has 30years of experience trading roof accessories in Austria and east-Europe.
This new fusion allows to expand the boundaries and export technologies and strategies beyond the national borders, with constant exchange and support within the Erge Group.


Sponsorship and charity have characterized Riwega since the beginning.
The company has always been on the frontline supporting local organization, sports and charity associations: among the loyal sport associations we find HC Neumarkt, FC Südtirol -Alto Adige, US Delebio Volley, Freilichtspiele Unterland and Asiago Hockey.


After the first 10 years of its life, Riwega introduces the new Riwega | redbau: a whole company division dedicated to temporary safety sytems for working sites.


2007 marks the beginning of other important cooperations: with company RoofRox specialized in fixing systems, and with company Gramint, promoting the group’s brand in Slovenia and Croatia.


Safety confirms to be the company’s core business and this coincides with the introduction of the Lifeline Safety System: a very appreciated solution, especially from the aesthetic point of view (very little impact), which is suitable for ensuring permanent safety on various buildings, like churches and original houses.

This is the birth year of the cooperation with 3therm, company which supplies thermic and acoustic isolation: a successful and constant cooperation which connects the brands of the actual Erge Group.

2001 / 2002

The market’s answer confirm the initial intuition: Riwega’s products conquer a high level of sales and the obtained success consents to invest in the construction of a new headquarter, inaugurated in 2002.
Since then, offices and warehouse are merged in the building placed in Egna.

1998 / 2000

The first opportunity to introduce Riwega is given with the business fair SAIE in Bologna (Italy), which is the reference fair for the building sector.
This important showcase provides high visibility, and the obtained interest shows the importance of training qualified technical consultants, able to satisfy a very exigent italian market.
In the same period, Riwega’s offer specializes on temporary safety systems with products as anti-fall nets and parapets.


Riwega was founded in 1998 by two young entrepreneurs, Werner Rizzi and Werner Gamper, who blending their names give birth to the brand: RI-WE-GA.
Beyond the birth name, the young Werners have a lot in common: ambition, sense of initiative and especially 10 years of experience in the building branch, particularly in roofing.
Their common goal to offer original solutions for a properly built roof, links them in their research for the best strategies to satisfy an always more exigent market. The awareness that the roof covering needs do fulfil definite standards regarding safety, efficiency and living comfort, developes among the most attent builders.
Their mission is to provide a complete range of products and accessories for roofs marked out by the research for excellence.