With great satisfaction Riwega supports some sport and/or cultural associations targeting especially young people in order to promote core values of our society.

Hockey Club Neumarkt Egna-Riwega

HC Neumarkt-Egna is an ice-hockey team in Egna/Neumarkt (bZ) which plays in the Alps Hockey League ( Central Europe League founded in 2016 from the fusion o the Austrian Inter-National-League and the Italian Serie A).

Riwega is the main partner of this team, as well as its biggest fan.

Riwega U.S. Delebio Volley

Amateur association founded in 1968 with its main office in Delebio with the goal to promote sports on the territory offering courses for children and teenagers.

FC Südtirol – Alto Adige

Italian Football association with its main office in Bolzano.

Founded in 1974, during season 2017-2018 it plays in the italian Serie C, 3rd division of the italian football championship and is the only professional football team of the region.

This club represents not only the city of Bolzano but the whole south tyrolean territory.

USD San Lazzaro

The association, that has been founded on the 25st of March 1946 and which has taken part to F.I.G.C. in 1951, has a respectable curriculum in the regional amateur football scene.

The current managment, whose first team plays in the 2 .category championship , puts all its efforts in the youth sector which includes: 6 chick teams, 2 beginners

Hockey Club Asiago

Historical Ice Hockey Team of “7 comuni” Plateau.

Freilichtspiele Unterland

Amateur theater association founded in 1968 by Luis Walter with the aim to bring in scene classic authors from the tyrolean traditional theater.