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Coll ALU Elastic

Il meglio per tetto e parete Coll ALU Elastic14/03/2024 The new mouldable butyl adhesive tape that is not afraid of UV rays Riwega I eternitycomfort introduces a new butyl adhesive tape with stretchable aluminium foil. 14/03/2024 Coll ALU Elastic was specially developed for the secure sealing of angle connectors on rear-ventilated façades. This single-sided butyl [...]

Tape 2 BU 50 mm x 35 m

Il meglio per tetto e parete The new double-sided butyl adhesive tape with 50 mm width15/11/2023 Tape 2 BU 50 mm A complete adhesive tape, also ideal as a nail point sealing 15/11/2023 Riwega I eternitycomfort has expanded the range of its double-sided butyl tape Tape 2 BU, introducing the new size 50 mm x 35 m. [...]