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Elements for roof ventilation
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Batten support bracket

Essential for a correct ridge tile installation

Quick overview: strengths

– Metal batten support brackets

Adaptable to all kind of roof cover

– Can be used with all rigid supports (wood or concrete)

Adjustable in height and available in different measures

– Guarantees stability of the roof covering without using any foam or mortar

SizeHeight 220 mm/ Width: 30/ 40/ 50 mm
SizeHeight 210 mm Width 40 mm/ Height 260 mm Width 40 or 50 mm/ Height 310 mm Width 40 or 50 mm
Useused to fix smooth ridge tiles (curved tiles, concrete tiles)
Content30 hooks S57, 14 u. batten support brackets, 200 nails, 2,8x35mm
Useused to fix interlocking ridge tiles (Portuguese cotto tiles, Marseille tiles)
Content30 hooks F08, 14 u. batten support brackets, 200 nails, 2,8x35 mm