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USB Windtop UV A2 / 225

Fire resistance inside ventilated facade

 Quick overview: strengths

– Breathable waterproofing membrane for ventilated facades
– Class A2 reaction to fire
– Ideal membrane for waterproof and wind-tight ventilated facades with open joints
– Black color for an optimal aesthetical impact
– UV resistance for joints up to 50 mm

Materialfibre glass fabric and black filled coating
Mass per unit area225 g/m²
Roll width1,5 m
Roll length50 m
Sd value0,09 m
Thickness0,23 mm
Fire reaction classA2-s1,d0
UV stabilitystable (joints up to max. 50 mm - max. 50 %)
Weathering without final cladding3 months
Temperature resistance-40°/+100°C 0 (for short times up to +180°C)